The Utilities market sector consists of companies engaged in producing and delivering electric power and natural gas services. Utilities must test new products to ensure their conformance with design specification and standards, periodically assess in-service equipment to determine its condition, develop maintenance strategies for aging equipment, optimize the performance of modern interconnected power systems, and support introduction of new technologies for grid modernization.

Powertech meets these needs through a broad array of services for product development, technology testing, interoperability testing, condition assessment, forensic and failure analysis, and power system analysis. Powertech’s electrical labs offer evaluation, verification, and certification testing of medium- and high-voltage products to support manufacturers, power utilities, and other users of electrical equipment.

Other lab and field services include development of systems for online purification of transformer oil, corrosion analysis of metallic structures, on-site inspection of generation and T&D assets to determine fitness for service, and analytical capabilities for quantifying the effects of integrating intermittent renewables resources into a power grid.


  • Product development

  • Technology testing

  • Interoperability testing

  • Condition assessment

  • Forensic

  • Failure analysis

  • Power systems analysis