Offering services for testing equipment, product development, and communications systems testing.

Areas of Focus

Transportation is in the midst of a major transformation.

From new fuels to state-of-the-art batteries and novel charging systems and infrastructure, every aspect of how to get from point A to B is becoming more efficient, sustainable, and technologically innovative. The Advanced Transportation department at Powertech Labs is at the forefront of these developments.

The Gas Systems Testing group is a global leader in design, verification, performance, and certification testing of high-pressure gas components and systems, primarily for the hydrogen and compressed natural gas industries. Powertech Labs has taken its extensive knowledge of hydrogen components and developed reliable hydrogen fueling station designs. As an innovator in the design, construction, and operation of compressed hydrogen fueling stations, we pioneered the design of turnkey, containerized hydrogen fueling station packages. Other firsts include the world’s first 700 bar fast fill station, the first hydrogen station capable of fueling four fuel cell vehicles simultaneously, and the first retail-style dispenser.

The Electric Vehicles group develops charging infrastructure solutions for battery electric vehicles. Services include: project management, charge station site selection, evaluation and planning, requirements definition site design, hardware selection and procurement, construction management, system integration, and data management.

Powertech also works with the aerospace market sector to ensure its equipment operates reliably in challenging environments and is capable of interoperability with other connected systems. For example, we are the only AeroMACS Designated Certification Laboratory in the world with the capabilities to test and certify equipment using the new communications system known as the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System, or AeroMACS.