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DAVID FACEY      - LLB. Senior Solicitor and Manager Legal, Purchasing & IT, Corporate Secretary

Senior Solicitor and Manager
Legal, Purchasing & IT, Corporate Secretary

Mr. David Facey is Powertech’s Legal Counsel and Manager for the Legal, Purchasing and IT departments. He also serves as Powertech’s Corporate Secretary. His role is to manage all legal risks associated with Powertech’s business endeavours. This includes contract negotiations, developing Master Service Contracts, and exploring overseas expansion and access to foreign markets. In addition to being legal counsel, David manages the IT group and Purchasing department. He leads the IT group on matters pertaining to cyber security, equipment deployment, data back-up and recovery as well as associated capital investments and policy frameworks. With regards to Purchasing, David’s function is to ensure compliance with provincial laws, trade agreements and purchasing policies, as well as maximizing purchasing leverage to ensure high quality and low cost procurement for Powertech and its clients. As Corporate Secretary, David works directly with the CEO and Board of Directors to ensure effective Board Governance practices are followed.

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phone: 604.598.5019
cellular: 604.616.5893

ZHIHONG FENG   -  PhD., P.Eng.  Director, Power Systems Studies Power Systems

Director, Power Systems Studies
Power Systems

Dr. Zhihong Feng leads Powertech’s technical team across a broad spectrum of power system studies—from generation and load interconnection studies, model development or validation for conventional generators and renewable resources, electromagnetic transient analysis to power system planning and operation studies. He is also responsible for business planning and development, technical training, contract negotiation, execution and delivery of projects.

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phone: 604.590.7477   
cellular: 604.323.3882

SUSIE FRANZKE   - C HRP  Manager, Recruitment Human Resources

Manager, Recruitment
Human Resources

Susie Franzke is the Human Resources Recruitment Manager at Powertech Labs. She is a Human Resources Professional with 20 years of deep specialist recruitment experience of hard to fill trades, technical, engineering and executive level roles. Susie plays an integral part in actively recruiting new talent for Powertech Labs, and in her time at Powertech she has been involved in the rapid growth of employment numbers within the last 8 years.

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phone: 604.590.6696   
cellular: 604.802.8654