In addition to compressed hydrogen and compressed natural gas testing, Powertech provides high pressure testing services for other gas component applications, such as air breathing, medical gas, and aerospace vessels and components. Powertech performs this testing to U.S. DOT and Transport Canada specifications.

Powertech also performs specialty testing on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane (LPG) tanks, components, and fuel storage systems, including fire and impact/penetration studies. 

Large Tank Testing:

Powertech has constructed a test facility dedicated to the testing of large diameter (up to 3m), long length (up to 12m) pressure vessels.  The facility can perform hydraulic pressure cycling at extreme temperatures and burst testing to comply with American Bureau of Shipping, draft ISO 11515, and ASME Section X Appendix 8 requirements.  Natural gas filling and venting tests can also be performed.

Specialized Cylinder Testing:

Powertech performs many specialized tests on cylinder designs to evaluate performance under extreme service conditions. These tests can range from collision impact of pressurized cylinders, to testing under various fire conditions, establishing clearance distances, and combustion in enclosed spaces.

This service includes non-destructive assessment of the resulting effects using computer tomography, ultrasonics, and acoustic emission. In addition to the non-destructive inspection of cylinders by the Inspection Services group at Powertech, the gas Systems group can also offer the visual inspection and certification of cylinders and pressure vessels that is periodically required in regulations, in accordance with CGA C6.4 and ISO 19078.