The demand for clean transportation, powered by renewable energy, has never been higher. British Columbia is expected to experience high adoption rates of this exciting new technology and will transition more quickly to electric mobility than many other jurisdictions. The province has always been at the forefront of clean transportation and clean energy technologies and Powertech has a long history in providing innovative solutions to these important industry sectors. British Columbia is ideally situated to take advantage of the many benefits EVs have to offer with over 90% of electricity coming from renewable hydro-electric sources.

Powertech Labs supports the rapidly expanding EV market by providing engineering and consulting services to both local and global clientele. We are leading experts in all aspects of EV technologies, from infrastructure and smart grid integration, through to fleet deployments and component testing. Powertech offers customized EV solutions including: turnkey infrastructure deployments, consulting services, fleet management and optimization, data collection and analytics engineering services, and industrial design.

Our goal is to provide clean transportation solutions, to support our customers in promoting EV adoption and to help the public make a seamless transition from gas to electric vehicles.


Brad Yuen