Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) compounds were once widely used as insulting mediums (dielectric and coolant) in electrical equipment. However, since their initial use, PCBs have been classified as both environmentally toxic and as a persistent organic pollutant. Although their production and use in new equipment was banned in the 1970s, because of their stability, PCBs are still widely found in electrical equipment oils.

In recent years, PCBs have become highly regulated. As a result, insulating liquids that may contain PCBs need to be tested to ensure proper handling and disposal. Powertech Labs offers testing services for mixtures of PCBs (Arochlors) that are commonly found in various insulating liquids, solids or other materials such as soils. PCB analysis by Powertech is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA).

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