Powertech is an independent testing organization with over 30 years of experience in generator and motor testing, with specific expertise in machninery insulation testing.

Our technical specialists evaluate the quality of stator windings by performing voltage endurance (IEEE1043) and thermal cycling (IEEE1310) tests to ensure that your machine can achieve expected service lifetime. Other laboratory tests include: thermal aging (IEEE1776), multi stress, partial discharge; power factor, AC breakdown; turn-to-turn, dissection and microscopic examination of coils, insulation fed by inverters, Insulation failure analysis and forensic services.

To determine the insulation condition, we offer our clients a range of field testing services in generator and motor insulation, such as EL CID; partial discharge; ozone testing to check discharge activity; coronal probe; power factor; AC and DC Hipot; visual inspection; rotor insulation; insulation failure investigation; independent quality inspection at the factory; specialist training courses on testing; and, maintenance of rotating machine insulation.

Generator Testing and Model Development

Powertech has extensive experience in conducting steady-state and dynamic tests in your plant to establish key system information.  Demonstrated on the right is the procedure we follow to conduct generator testing for power system analysis. Powertech has tested and modeled hundreds of generating units of all types and sizes worldwide. From field test results, computer models are developed and their performance checked against the measurements using simulations. Using advanced analysis tools, simulations can be performed to study individual plant performance as well as the performance of the full interconnected system. Optimum control settings can then be determined.

To learn more about our generator testing and motor insulation testing capabilities, please submit an inquiry to speak with one  of our experts.