Powertech Labs supports the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market by providing engineering and consulting services to local and global clientele. We are leading experts in all aspects of EV technologies—from infrastructure and smart grid integration, to fleet deployments and component testing. Powertech offers customized EV solutions including: turnkey infrastructure deployments, consulting services, fleet management and optimization, data collection and analytics engineering services, and industrial design.


Engineering Consulting for EV Projects

Powertech’s diverse experience in the EV industry includes custom demonstration projects, educational research projects, and commercial business implementations.  Our team leverages this experience to offer a wide range of consulting services, including: project management, client consultation and education, fleet and technology assessment, and long-term infrastructure planning.  These services benefit from strong relationships with our business partners, including government agencies, electrical authorities, safety regulatory bodies, automakers, and charging equipment suppliers.

EV Infrastructure Installation and Deployment Services

Powertech has pioneered the development of EV infrastructure by implementing numerous EV charging installations throughout the British Columbia (BC) lower mainland. We have partnered with local businesses and government agencies to create a network of charging stations that make it convenient, reliable, and easy to power your EV. In addition to installing several Level 2 charging stations, which charge an EV in 4-8 hours, Powertech also installed the first direct current (DC) fast-charging stations in BC. Advanced DC fast-charging stations reduce charging time for EVs, providing a full charge in less than 30 minutes. Powertech is well positioned to provide support through all stages of EV infrastructure deployment, including: site assessment and design; technology selection; civil and electrical design requirements; way finding and regulatory signage requirements; and troubleshooting and technical support.

Data Analysis and EV Infrastructure Optimization Services

Powertech specializes in new technologies that help optimize EV and charging infrastructure usage, including data collection and “smart charging” load management systems.  While EVs have the potential to greatly reduce overall energy consumption and costs associated with transportation, careful planning can ensure EV adoption produces the maximum results at the lowest cost.  In particular, EV charging can introduce significant new demand on electrical infrastructure, both at a utility scale and within customer-owned facilities.  Powertech has deployed charging solutions that can greatly minimize the impact of EV charging on existing electrical infrastructure, minimize the investments required to support new installations, and help prepare for future expansion of EV infrastructure.