Powertech Labs supports the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market by providing engineering and consulting services to local and global clientele. We are leading experts in all aspects of EV technologies—from infrastructure and vehicle-grid integration, to fleet deployments and component testing. Powertech offers customized EV solutions including: turnkey infrastructure deployments, consulting services, fleet management and optimization, data collection and analytics engineering services, and industrial design.


Vehicle-Grid Integration

Vehicle electrification presents both new challenges and opportunities for electric utilities.  With the right technologies and programs in place, EVs can be integrated into grid operations in ways that minimize their impacts on electrical infrastructure, and even offer utilities a greater degree of flexibility in their operations and interaction with their customers.
Vehicle-grid integration, however, involves a number of complex interrelationships.  EVs can be viewed as a significant new load for existing electrical infrastructure, but also a flexible load, and potentially even a source of energy storage. Vehicles are also nomadic and may appear and disappear on the grid at different times and locations. Fixed EV charge infrastructure, on the other hand, can play a role as the interconnection point for vehicles to the grid, or as a source of load that can be managed through smart grid infrastructure. Understanding the options to use EVs as integral components of the grid, therefore, requires an understanding of the communications protocols and infrastructure that can enable EV and charge infrastructure connectivity from end-to-end.

Powertech is a leader in smart grid interoperability testing and operates facilities that replicate the utility environment—from field devices to back-office applications. This environment allows Powertech to support vehicle and device OEMs, energy service providers, and utilities to test and evaluate EV interoperability solutions. Capabilities include: EV data collection and analytics; bi-directional communications validation; use-case development and simulation; and interoperability testing and verification.

EV Testing and Performance Services

Through our multidisciplinary facility, Powertech offers a “one-stop shop” approach for testing EVs, EV supply equipment, and smart grid integration. This approach includes comprehensive electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing services for motors, batteries, relays, and inverters. All our testing services are performed according to relevant codes and standards. Additionally, we provide non-standard testing requirements for development of new technology prototypes.