Site Assessment of EV Charging Infrastructure in Township of Langley

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Powertech conducted assessments at nine facilities in the Township of Langley, British Columbia, to determine the suitability for public Level 2 (L2) electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Plug-in EVs, including battery EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs, are a growing presence on the roadways of British Columbia (BC). According to one study, plug-in EVs could represent 3.7 to 4.6% of the market share of new vehicle purchases by 2024, which would translate to 56,000 to 67,000 EVs in BC, and 39,000 to 47,000 EVs in Metro Vancouver. As a result, the regions of the province, and municipalities in particular, need to develop the infrastructure to fuel this growth.

The Township of Langley is developing a 5-year EV charging infrastructure plan that will include several new public and workplace L2 charging stations in the municipality. The Township engaged Powertech to undertake assessments of selected locations and help develop a deployment strategy. Powertech performed site visits to seven facilities: Township of Langley Operations Centre, WC Blair Recreation Centre, Langley Events Centre, George Preston Recreation Centre, Township of Langley Civic Facility, Fort Langley, and Walnut Grove Community Centre. In addition, desktop assessments were made for two future sites: Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre and Yorkson Community Park. Four of the locales have existing public L2 EV chargers; the remaining five do not.

For each site, Powertech considered the main facility usage, number of fleet EVs, and number of staff EVs, and recommended the number and location of additional chargers. To help inform the Township’s strategy, Powertech also provided an overview of major EV technology providers and a summary of EV growth projections in the area.

L2 charging stations typically provide 3.3 to 7.2 kW of power to a vehicle, or 20 to 40 km of range per hour of charge. The average EV driver spends about 90 minutes at an L2 station.

Powertech Labs supports the rapidly expanding EV market by providing engineering and consulting services to local and global clientele. We are leading experts in all aspects of EV technologies—from charging infrastructure planning and deployment, to smart grid integration and component testing.

Powertech has pioneered the development of EV infrastructure in BC by implementing numerous EV charging installations throughout the province. We have partnered with local businesses and government agencies to create a network of charging stations that make it convenient, reliable, and easy to power your EV.


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