Public Safety Broadband Network


The focus of Public Safety Networks has traditionally been that of private voice communications networks, the wide scale adoption of LTE technology has created opportunities for Public Safety organizations to leverage the capabilities of broadband communications. The features of LTE provide Public Safety with the ability to improve their communications both within their own organizations and manage the sharing of information with governmental and NGOs and provide a secure environment for mission critical information. North American Governments in recognition of the need for Public Safety to have access to broadband technology have allocated LTE spectrum to Public Safety. Powertech have participated in Canadian Federal and Provincial working groups to define the use cases and deployment scenarios. To demonstrate the use cases Powertech have established a PSBN test bed to provide Public Safety organizations with an understanding of the capabilities of an LTE based Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN).


PSBN Background


The Canadian Government reserved 20 MHz of 700 MHz band for public safety, 3GPP Band 14, similar to the US allocation.

The PSBN models have been worked on over the past 10 years.

In 2017 and 2018 the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial ministers responsible for emergency management, PSBN was endorsed.

The Temporary National Coordination Office (TNCO) was established to advance options on governance and deployment to ministers for consideration in 2020.

PSBN Testbed Facility

The Testbed will provide a PSBN Interoperability test and demonstration environment to;

Engage and educate stakeholders by demonstrating PSBN use cases relevant to their needs.

Demonstrate flexibility to operate with multiple Public Safety organizations.

The PSBN Testbed will:

Confirm features, standards and identify key specifications.

Confirm interoperability between equipment suppliers, service providers, existing dispatch, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and LMR systems.

Help end users to understand the benefits in order to develop their investment justifications.

Advantages of Powertech’s PSBN Testbed:

  • Powertech is an independent lab.

  • The Testbed is operated by the Critical Infrastructure Communications group who are focused on evaluating, testing and designing secure communications.

  • World-class RF labs with ISO 9000 and 17025 for a number of the lab activities execution.

  • Staff with years of experience in wireless testing.

  • Active contributions to Industry and regulatory working groups.


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