28 September 2018, Surrey, British Columbia—


Powertech Labs Inc. has won the 2018 Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT) Environment and Business Award in the Large Business Category.

The award recognized the company for its project “Infrastructure for the Electrification of Light Duty Transport,” which focuses on the design and building of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and the deployment of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station network.

The award was presented in a ceremony at the SBOT on 27 September 2018.

The Surrey Board of Trade Environment & Business Awards are presented to Surrey-based businesses or Surrey Board of Trade members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental leadership and/or issues. This may take the form of hands-on-work through recycling, promoting environmental awareness or education, pursuing ground-breaking environmental research, innovative environmental technology and/or partnerships with the community to promote the environment.

In its submittal for the award, Powertech noted: “Development and improvement of the hydrogen fueling and EV charging infrastructure help to address a key practical challenge to increasing the future viability of owning and operating alternative-fueled vehicles: widespread access to economic, reliable, and easy-to-use support infrastructure.”

“Many of Powertech’s new developments and innovations in hydrogen fueling stations and EV charging infrastructure have been sited in Surrey and the metropolitan Vancouver area. This proximity has helped to establish Surrey as a locale on the leading edge of alternative-fueled vehicle technology. Having this infrastructure available for the public on the company’s Surrey campus also allows us to provide these innovative services to the citizens of Surrey, making the city a more sustainable and attractive place to live.”

The Surrey Board of Trade attracts business to Surrey and supports business in Surrey. The Board provides businesses and organizations with economic opportunity, workplace development and education, international trade, government advocacy and business connections.


For more information contact Madhvi Ramnial, 604-590-6671, madhvi.ramnial@powertechlabs.com.