August 16 2012, British Columbia- Powertech is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with National Grid to develop an on-line stability analysis (OSA) system.

The OSA system will be deployed at the electricity control centre of National Grid to monitor the security status of the transmission system in Great Britain. Additionally, the system will provide the operators with greater situational awareness for grid operations on a near-to-real-time basis.

From a security perspective, the OSA system will help operators identify and manage potential risks in the system to avoid large-scale disruption to the transmission system.

The OSA system will be developed using the DSATools™ software from Powertech; a leading-edge software tool designed to perform security assessment of large, complex power systems for its performance in terms of stability, voltage, frequency, and other operational criteria.

DSATools™ software is globally recognized for its near-real-time security assessment by other major grid operators, including BC Hydro (Canada), PJM (US), Midwest ISO (US), ERCOT (US), EirGrid (Ireland),AEMO (Australia), and Transpower (New Zealand).

In addition to power system security assessment software, Powertech provides services for the development of other
custom software, engineering consultancy, and technical training.

In Britain, National Grid runs the gas and electricity systems that our society is built on, delivering gas and electricity across the country. In the North Eastern US, National Grid connects more than seven million gas and electric customers to vital energy sources, essential for our modern lifestyles.

Powertech is a multidisciplinary research and testing facility located in British Columbia, Canada. For over 30 years, we have provided specialized engineering services in the areas of clean energy consulting, independent testing services, and power system solution to support the utilities environment.