New Web-based Software and Database for Insulating Oil Analysis and Equipment Diagnostics

Powertech Labs has released a new web-based version of its unique LabSys software. LabSys improves on the analytical capabilities of the earlier PC-based software and allows easy access from any web-connected device to all insulating oil and gas analysis results performed at Powertech for BC Hydro spanning the past 40 years.

LabSys provides easy access to current and past oil analysis results for BC Hydro and outside company equipment, including dissolved gas analysis (DGA), oil quality, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). The software allows users to view the latest results, historical trending, and diagnostics of equipment condition. A new Query feature also enables searching of the database based on equipment type, location and oil analysis results. Equipment covered includes transformers, load tap changers, bushings, and circuit breakers. The new LabSys can be accessed online at Please contact us to register for access. LabSys provides four levels of information: (1) basic information about equipment and its sub-components, (2) history of tests performed, (3) trending graphs of results, and (4) diagnostic analysis, using IEEE, IEC, and other standards criteria (e.g., Duval Triangle), as well as Powertech’s new proprietary Vector algorithm.

Vector Algorithm
The Vector algorithm diagnoses equipment based on DGA data, which includes all of the combustible gases and carbon dioxide, to calculate the level of more than one fault condition, such as arcing, partial discharges, metal/oil pyrolysis, overheated oil, and overheated cellulose. The algorithm provides a numeric assessment of fault levels, unlike other methods that only generate a diagnosis in terms of one fault type. Specifically, Vector is capable of assessing data as originating from a combination of faults, either occurring concurrently or as contributions from previous faults. The Vector algorithm provides, for the first time, capabilities not available with current diagnostic methods – the ability to determine the severity of the identified fault types and track the changes over time.

Feedback Welcome
Powertech welcomes feedback from BC Hydro on this beta version, including needed improvements and features. An enhanced version of LabSys is under development
to include electrical, inspections, and other equipment testing to enable a more comprehensive rating of equipment health.


For more information contact: 
Stephen Varisco - 604.590.7462
Team Lead, Applied Chemistry & Environment
Substations Technology & Testing