MADHVI RAMNIAL  -  MBA, PhD.  Manager Client Engagement, Safety & Corporate Operations

Client Engagement, Safety & Corporate Operations

Dr. Madhvi Ramnial is the Client Engagement, Facilities, and Safety and Environmental Manager at Powertech Labs. Holding a PhD. in Chemistry and an MBA in Management of Technology, she has lead and participated in a broad variety of initiatives in the electric utility industry over the last ten years.

Madhvi began her career as an NSERC post-doctoral fellow at Powertech Labs conducting and managing R&D in insulating fluids, equipment diagnostics and condition assessment and monitoring. Her area of expertise was in transformer life extension and estimations prior to transitioning to Client Engagement. In addition to holding the position of Client Engagement Manager, Madhvi has recently taken on Facility Management as well as Safety and Environmental Management. She works directly with Powertech’s executive management team and is a highly motivated team leader.

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  GORDON LANGMAN  Senior Shipper/Facilities Coordinator Facilities

Senior Shipper/Facilities Coordinator

Mr. Gordon Langman is the Facilities Coordinator and Senior Shipper / Receiver at Powertech Labs. He supports the Facilities Manager by conducting the daily operations around the Powertech campus, conducts forklift training for new operators, and is the main point of contact for security for BC Hydro. In addition to his position as Facilities Coordinator, Gordon is a Senior Shipper / Receiver who manages the Shipping team’s time and workload to maximize their efforts. He ships and receives equipment globally and deals with Customs daily to expedite shipments across borders.

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  DENNIS ATKINSON  Shipper/Receiver Facilities


Mr. Dennis Atkinson is a Shipper/Receiver in the Facilities team at Powertech Labs. In this role he is responsible for shipping and receiving goods in and out of Powertech, handling waste disposal of items such as oil, solvents, capacitors, transformers and oily solid materials. He also makes minor repairs around the building, assists in the installation of signs, looks after the maintenance and care of fleet vehicles, and is responsible for the movement of skids of test materials in and out of the warehouse.

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