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"I like that the engineering here has a real entrepreneurial flare. It allows the engineers to build a business within a business, so if that’s your interest, there’s a lot of encouragement here to seize a business opportunity when it makes sense. The focus on business development is something I really appreciate."

DARREN BROMLEY – Senior Manager of Generation Technology and Testing
Started in 2003 (co-op student)

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"I have really good mentors working alongside me. They’re not just co-workers and managers; they give me a good balance of training and knowledge to do the job right, while still giving me the freedom to figure things out on my own and come up with new ideas."

RHUELLA DEMEGILLO –  Electrical Technician (Generation Technology & Testing)
Started 2 years ago

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"Powertech is refreshingly cohesive despite each department being fairly specialized. There is a lot of encouragement for cross-departmental communication and collaboration, which makes Powertech an effective ‘one-stop-shop’ company."

SID CHERUKUPALLI – Project Engineer (Mechanical Lab - T&D Technology and Testing).
Started January 2015

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"The culture here is awesome. We're a team of young and engaged people who enjoy the work we do. People are also friends outside of work, and Powertech often helps sponsor activities outside of the office to encourage team building."

TANJA SMUTNY – Team Lead, Hydrogen Fuel Systems Testing (Advanced Transportation)
Started 2012

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"It’s exciting because working in a typical lab, you only analyze a sample and you don’t know what happens with your result, or why you take the sample. At Powertech, we talk to the people in the field so we’re able to see how our analytic work is applied to their safety procedures and other things. It’s very satisfying to be involved in work outside of the lab."

WEILI KANG – Scientist in Chemistry
Started in 2004

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"I like working at Powertech because there’s a strong focus on building relationships to make a stronger company. I also like that each and every one of us is expected to make a contribution, and we’re all seen as important members of the company."

Started November 2016

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"When I started here, the first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was. I really appreciate the flexibility of my job and the people I work with, and the level of trust amongst managers and staff."

MANINDER GILL – PC & LAN Specialist, IT Department
Started July 2015

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"The thing I like about Powertech is definitely the people. It’s a very diverse work environment, in every sense of the word. We have people who come to Powertech from all over the world, so that’s always fun and exciting. The culture is positive and people are very interested in what they’re doing."

SUSIE FRANZKE – HR Manager, Recruitment.
Started in 2009 as a contractor/consultant
(employee in 2012)

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"I think Powertech is a great place to work. The disciplines here in terms of science and technology span to many areas. Whether you’re a chemist, an engineer, or a tech, we’ll find you a spot at Powertech. Some companies focus on doing just one thing and that limits what people can bring into the company and what they can contribute. Here we do so many things, so there are opportunities for most disciplines."

KEITH LEE – Quality Manager.
Started in 1989 as a senior chemist

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"Powertech welcomes new ideas. A lot of departments have out of the box ideas, and there’s always someone that will pay attention. I like that our management will listen to people and take these suggestions and new ideas into serious consideration."

SARAH MELLARD – Executive Assistant for CEO & President
Started 10.5 years ago