Providing testing, analysis, investigations, applied research and consultation to the power industry for the purpose of diagnostics, condition assessment and life extension. More than forty years’ experience in testing, consultation, and applied research in the chemistry of insulating fluids, gases, and solids used in electrical equipment.

Areas of Focus

Our chemistry lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for chemical, material and polymer analyses focusing on insulating oils and gases, lubricants, fuels and coolants, environmental and materials evaluation. Expertise in the areas of insulating fluids and analysis, including traditional mineral oils, environmentally friendly vegetable oils and SF6. The research and development section is considered world-class and focuses on life extension, on-line monitoring and on-line oil purification of electrical equipment. We also have extensive experience in all aspects relating to electrical utilities PCB contamination, including analysis, on-line removal and destruction with oil reclamation. Other services include analytical services for environmental testing, fuels, lubes and coolants analysis and extensive capabilities in polymer and material testing including failure analysis. The materials and polymers testing lab is equipped with modern thermal analysis, rheology, spectrometric, chromatographic, and mechanical testing instrumentation.

Powertech’s long history of testing enables it to provide knowledgeable consulting services. The company’s in-house developed expert system, called Equipment Health Rating (EHR), uses industry standards and statistical analysis of lab test results, field inspections, and electrical tests to present historical information on the performance of equipment.

  • State-of-the-art instruments for chemical, material, and polymer analyses
  • Focus on insulating oils and gases, lubricants, fuels and coolants
  • Test packages for insulation fluids analysis, including commissioning tests, fault diagnosis, and forensic analysis
  • Monitor degradation of solid insulation in oil-filled transformers
  • Consulting capabilities for fault diagnosis and maintenance of oil-filled equipment
  • Equipment health rating (EHR)

Testing, consultation, and applied research to the power industry for the purposes of diagnostics, condition assessment, and life extension.

Offerings Include:

  • Insulating fluids — dissolved gas analysis, oil quality analysis
  • Fuels and lubricants — routine testing for lubricants, hydraulic fluids
  • Polymers and materials — material identification, thermal characterization
  • Environmental services — analytical testing of soils and water, effluent monitoring
  • Research and development — expertise to prevent transformer and other equipment failures
  • Training — courses on insulating fluids analysis and diagnostics
  • Weathering chamber — accelerated aging tests under simulated conditions

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