High Power Testing  Laboratory

Powertech's High Power Testing Laboratory located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Powertech's High Power Testing Laboratory located in

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

For efficient and cost-effective testing and certification of medium and high voltage products, Powertech offers a High Power testing laboratory to support electrical equipment manufacturers and power utilities.

Equipment regularly tested at our High Power testing laboratory includes switchgear, transformers, cables and insulators.  All our certification testing, equipment development testing, quality assurance testing, and non-standard testing is performed in accordance with IEEE, ANSI, IEC, UL and CSA Standards. We are certified to ISO17025 by the Standards Council of Canada, and we are members of STL, the worldwide organization of High Power Laboratories.

Our professional engineers and technicians are highly qualified and experienced in testing of medium and high voltage equipment. As an independent testing facility, access to the testing areas is strictly controlled, and all your test results remain confidential.

High Power Testing Laboratory Capabilities:

1,500 MVA short circuit rating, 3-phase, 60 Hz

  1 Phase3 Phase
Maximum Voltage 44.8 kV rms ph-grd 38.8 kV rms ph-ph
Maximum Current 110 kA rms sym 80 kA rms sym

Download our data sheet for a list of High Power testing capabilities at Powetech.

interruption tests on a recloserHigh Power Testing Services:

Interrupting tests:

Load and fault interrupting tests on switches, capacitor switches, fuses, cutouts, reclosers, separable connectors, and circuit breakers.

Momentary and short-time tests:

Momentary and short-time tests on switchgear, disconnects, switches, safety grounds, reactors, connectors, buswork, surrent transformers.

Arc-proof testing of switchgearArcing tests:

Arcing tests on switchgear, insulators, arresters, SF6 CTs.

Related Testing Services: 

As a multidisciplinary facility, Powertech’s testing services extend to high voltage, high current, seismic, and a range of testing services to support environmental testing requirements.  

Please send your requests through our inquiry form located at the top of this page.  A qualified engineer is available to schedule a date for your product testing and certification needs.