High Current Testing Laboratory

Current transformers undergoing calibration tests
Current transformers undergoing calibration tests.

Current carrying components must be tested during the design process to ensure that they meet standard requirements, and are safe for use.  Powertech's High Current Laboratory provides independent testing, failure analysis and consultation on all types of current carrying components, including conductors and cables, connectors, cable splices and accessories, switchgear, fuses and cutouts, transformers, bushings and grounding components.

High Current Testing Laboratory Capabilities:

The High Current Laboratory is equipped to provide heat run, current cycle and short circuit testing at high current levels and low voltage levels.  Ac current testing can be carried out at 60 Hz at up to 10 kA continuous, 20 kA momentary for single phase applications, 5 kA continuous for three-phase applications, and 10 kA continuous for dc applications.  Tests on industrial and residential equipment can also be carried out at up to 600 V, 400 A, three-phase.  A custom control system allows for automated computer-controlled unattended testing, and a variety of data acquisition equipment is available to provide multi-channel measurement of voltage, current, temperature, resistance, power, strain, force or position.  High-speed digital recording is available for short-time testing, and up to 200 channels of digital data acquisition are available for longer term recording.

High Current Testing Laboratory Services:

High voltage recloser switch undergoing

time-current testing.

With many years combined experience in high current testing of power system components, the high current lab staff can provide the following services:



As a multidiciplinary testing laboratory, the High Current Testing Laboratory provides services to support testing requirements for cabling and accessories, generator and motors, high power testing, high voltage testing, as well as materials and mechanical evaluation.

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