Environmental Testing Services

Our expertise spans a wide variety of environmental technologies, from the destruction of PCBs as well as organic and halogenated compounds to the assessment of environmentally friendly wood preservatives, lubricating oils and oil-free bearing systems. We evaluate products and processes using life cycle assessment. Our environmental testing facility is supported by a network of laboratories which includes applied chemistry, metallurgy, civil, mechanical and electrical testing laboratories.

Large-Scale, Multi-Functional, Environmental Weathering Chamber

The environmental weathering chamber is designed to perform a wide variety of ASTM, MIL-Spec, IEC, CIGRI, EPRI and ISA tests, as well as many other types of specialized environmental-exposure tests.

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Environmental Analyses

Powertech’s Environmental Chemistry department offers routine organic and inorganic analyses related to waste characterization and site remediation. We also have the multi-disciplinary expertise and analytical tools available to deal with a wide range of non-routine samples and can provide data interpretation and technical assistance.

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Ozone Abatement in Air Cooled Generators

Ozone can be found in air-cooled electric generators as a result of corona activity, slot discharge, or arcing brushes. Even trace levels of ozone will react with most materials including metals, plastics and rubbers. Prolonged exposure will ultimately destroy these materials. Ozone can also present a health hazard.

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Boron Migration from Fused Rods

Preservation of Wood Utility Poles

The full length of new wood utility poles is treated with preservatives before they are installed.After a number of years in service however they can become prone to fungal attack at the groundline and can require remedial treatment in the field.

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