Electric Vehicle Installation: Edible Canada at the Market

Powertech teams up with Edible Canada to install two electric vehicle charging stations on Granville Island.

Edible Canada engages Powertech's EV engineering services to install two electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) units at their restaurant location on Granville Island, British Columbia.


Kathy Nguyen, Acting President & CEO at Powertech, and

Eric Patemen, President & Founder of Edible Canada launch the

first EVSE install on Granville Island

Powertech was responsible for evaluating a range of EVSE products to recommend a suitable solution for Edible Canada. For this project, the DuraStation from General Electric was selected  for installation.

Project development for Edible Canada included public information displays to help communicate information about electric vehicles. Powertech’s internal industrial design team created five public information boards to demonstrate the benefits of electric vehicles, along with additional branded signage to capture the attention of visitors to Granville Island.

To Learn more, read our Edible Canada Case Study located at the top of this page.

Powertech’s Electric Vehicle Engineering & Consulting Services

Powertech provides engineering and consulting services to support the electric vehicle marketplace.  We are global experts in clean transportation engineering, and we have the technical expertise in EV testing and performance evaluation services to support electric vehicle supply equipment installations.  For a customized EV solution, we offer EV infrastructure consulting to support EV fleet management, user experience, data monitoring, system analysis and optimization.


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