Applied Chemistry Analysis and Services

Applied Chemistry offers a wide range of laboratory services for the power industry, including routine lab analysis, investigations, applied research and consultation services. Powertech Labs offers laboratory services in the following areas:

Materials Evaluation

Chemical Services and Energy


Chemical Analysis Testing

Powertech operates a comprehensive fuels and lubricant testing laboratory for routine analysis and special investigations. Most of the testing is carried out in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) procedures, as applicable to fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and coolants.


Investigative analysis is routine for Powertech. We identify deposits and contaminants, study problems with material compatibility and compare products. The Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory is supported by metallurgy, materials, polymer and corrosion laboratories, which give synergy to the process of solving complex technical problems.

Environmentally Friendly Replacement Products

Growing public concern about the environment\t is leading to changes in environmental legislation. Industry now requires lubricants that are more sensitive to the ecosystem than traditional hydrocarbon-based products. Powertech has developed expertise for evaluating new lubricants and can assist clients with choosing the right product for their application. Biodegradability and toxicity testing is carried out for various replacements products.

Waste Oil Characterization

Waste oils and fuels are analyzed in accordance with waste oil legislation, which determines if the material is environmentally safe for disposal by combustion. Powertech offers a wide variety of tests for categorizing waste according to origin and method of disposal.

Research Programs

Powertech carries out longer term work in areas such as diesel fuel stability, coolant corrosivity, and environmentally friendly lubricants. These projects expand the experience and knowledge that enables Powertech to solve complex technical field problems.