Hydrogen Stations Capabilities

The key capabilities of Powertech’s Hydrogen Stations Department are its extensive expertise in the following areas of hydrogen technologies:

Design and fabrication of fueling stationsPowertech has the laboratory facilities and staff experience to design and build turnkey hydrogen fueling stations. Many station products—including dispensers, tube trailers, and mobile fuelers—are also designed and fabricated.

Fueling support for vehicle OEMs— Powertech’s experience with vehicle OEMs enables it to design stations to meet vehicle needs.

Codes and standards development—Through the participation of Powertech managers and staff in the activities of standards committees, the department is familiar with the latest protocols and the future direction of the industry.

Testing of fueling station componentsPowertech’s hydrogen fueling and systems testing labs include capabilities for standardized protocol tests and custom component tests.

Safety studies and testingIn-house capabilities are available for safety testing, and Powertech was the first company in North America to get ETL National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2 certification for its station design.

Software developmentPowertech has the capability for developing control software for hydrogen stations and test systems, and for developing databases for collecting fueling data from vehicles and stations.

Hydrogen Stations Projects

Since 2001, Powertech has designed and constructed 12 turnkey, compressed hydrogen fueling stations across North America, including one current public retail location and three upcoming public stations in California. Powertech has partnered with a number of companies who were awarded California Energy Commission (CEC) grants by providing the hydrogen fueling station equipment.

The stations are designed to fuel 70 MPa fuel cell vehicles in accordance with industry standards as well as next-generation and custom fueling protocols.

Hydrogen Stations Services

The Hydrogen Stations Department offers services for hydrogen station design and construction.

Designing and Installing Stations Powertech designs and builds hydrogen fueling stations with flexible and customizable options such as hydrogen supply, storage cylinder type, dispenser type, and station size.

Testing of Vehicle and Fueling Station Components The company’s hydrogen fueling and systems testing lab conducts component and system tests for the simulation of hydrogen fueling protocols, end-of-life and durability testing, and performance tests to ensure the station package is safe and reliable. Connections are pressure-tested, and quality tests are conducted for different vehicle types and operating conditions.

Station R&D Powertech engineers can design new capabilities for future stations and testing systems, such as the new Hydrogen Station Equipment Performance Device (HySTEP).

Trailers Powertech designs and builds custom high-pressure hydrogen tube trailers for bulk hydrogen transport.

Consulting Support Services Powertech offers online support services for the Powertech hydrogen stations using remote log-in capabilities. Powertech can also offer a range of consulting services around hydrogen infrastructure, including project development, site selection, and failure analysis.


Hydrogen Stations Testing

In-house testing to improve station designs

Powertech’s hydrogen station designs are supported by engineers from the company’s world-class high-pressure testing facilities, which are used to test fuel systems, high-pressure components, and fueling protocols for hydrogen systems. The technical experience gained from testing hydrogen vehicle fuel systems is applied to the design of the hydrogen fueling stations to ensure that Powertech stays on the cutting edge of technology.

Uniquely, for continuous improvement of station design, Powertech has access to feedback from three sources—the Testing group, the Fabrication group, and through the operation of its own station. This feedback is utilized to adjust and modify station designs for improved service and reliability.

Hydrogen Fueling Station

Since 2001, Powertech has designed and constructed modular compressed hydrogen fueling stations. These stations are able to fill 700 bar (70 MPa) fuel cell vehicles in accordance with SAE J2601 fueling protocols. Communication fills and -40˚C pre-cooling are features of our design. The containerized assemblies allow for the easy re-location, or expansion of capacity, to respond to the market demand for hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

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Mobile Hydrogen Transport Units

Powertech has pioneered the use of lightweight carbon fiber composite tanks for the high pressure bulk transportation of hydrogen, for mobile hydrogen fueling station applications, and for portable self-contained hydrogen fueling units. Transportable compressed hydrogen units can be custom-designed to meet customer needs, including transport trailers, mobile fuelers, and portable filling stations.

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Modular Small-Scale Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Powertech provides expertise in the design and customization of modular small-scale hydrogen fueling stations.

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