On-Line Application of DSAToolsTM


Security Assessment in Near-Real-Time

The DSAToolsTM are designed to provide on-line security assessment when used in the real-time sequence of the control center's energy management system (EMS). The software works with a solved powerflow provided by the state-estimator and communicates with the EMS via flat files or TCP/IP network connection. Powertech's DSAManagerTM controls all computations which are conducted on a dedicated cluster of computers and, if necessary, distributed processing is used to meet performance requirements. Results may be passed back to the EMS console or are accessible locally or remotely.

Comprehensive Security Assessment - Fast and Accurate

The software performs voltage security, transient security, and small signal stability analysis in a user-defined cycle-time (or on event triggering). Basic results provided to the operator include critical contingencies, criteria violations, security limits, the performance of key system variables, and required remedial actions for insecure system conditions. Unlike other on-line security applications, the DSAToolsTM do not use simplified analytical techniques which often overlook critical phenomena and which, therefore, can provide misleading security assessments. In addition to the rigorous assessment of "common" issues such as voltage stability and transient stability, Powertech software also detects dangerous transient voltage and frequency dips, oscillatory problems, and violation of relay margins.


Improve Your System Security Today

Powertech can work directly with you, or with your EMS vendor, to implement the DSAToolsTM in your control room. A number of major EMS vendors are licensed resellers of our products, so ask your vendor about the DSAToolsTM today. Some of the utilities and system operators that have selected Powertech software for on-line use include:


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