DSAToolsTM Overview

The DSAToolsTM suite is the next-generation of power system analysis tools and provides the complete assessment of system security including all forms of stability.

The DSAToolsTM provide a complete toolset for power system planning and operational studies. In additon to rich modeling capabilities and leading-edge computational methods, the software is highly automated and can provide engineers with significant productivity improvements.

The key components in the suite, PSAT, VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT, have also been designed to be used for on-line dynamic security assessment (DSA). In this mode, the software is connected directly to a power system's energy management system (EMS) and computes power system security in a continuous cycle. The software provides system operators with important information about power system security limits, critical contingencies, and remedial actions needed to prevent system failures.

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Off-line Applications

Power system planning and operation studies involving:

On-line Applications

Main Features


The DSAToolsTM are available in a number of licensing options including:

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User Support and Maintenance

The first year of User Support and Maintenance (US&M) are included in the license fees. US&M for subsequent years is available for an annual fee. US&M includes program assistance from our experts as well as program updates and annual new versions.

System Requirements

The suggested minimum hardware and software requirements for the DSAToolsTM are as follows,

These are only suggested requirements for the software. The program should run on systems with lower specifications, however, performance may be compromised. For the best display results, make sure that your monitor’s display resolution is set at 1024X768 or higher and system font size is set at small size. The Adobe Acrobat® Reader is necessary to view and print the documentation. WinZip® is necessary to use the archive facilities.


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