Powertech’s Smart Utility Technology Department offers a broad range of services to utilities and equipment vendor OEMs, including:

• Distribution Automation/ Optimization. The SUTC allows utilities and vendors to develop, test, and demonstrate end-to-end distribution automation and control for FLISR. Services are available for testing emerging technologies in one location under real grid operating conditions.

• Intelligent City Accelerator. Services include testing and modelling technologies to manage demand response (DR), modelling DR for EV charging, intelligent street lights, and working with municipalities, utilities, and vendors to advance intelligent technologies for progressive cities.

• Advanced Communications. This lab carries out system and network design, evaluates new communications technologies and products, and conducts in-house certification tests for third parties. Services include network design, procurement advisory, licensing application support, advice on regulatory matters and commissioning.

• Electric Vehicles. Services include engineering and consulting for EV infrastructure, deployment, fleet modernization and optimization, electric vehicle data collection and analytics, vehicle-grid integration, and vehicle charging management.

• Distributed Energy Resource Modelling. Powertech assists utilities in developing pilot and demonstration projects for integration of DER. Services include interconnection studies, portfolio design, and operation planning and simulation.

• Distribution System Operations Security. Offerings include security strategy and planning support for prioritization and security posture design, field device characterization and security validation, distribution automation/optimization security, and privacy assessment and guidance.