Powertech’s Smart Utility facilities include a unique, outdoor Smart Utility Test Center (SUTC) and indoor labs dedicated to advanced communications, intelligent cities and buildings, demand response, and EVs.

Key capabilities include:

Distribution Automation/Optimization. Powertech’s new SUTC is a fully energized, dedicated, medium-voltage model of a modern distribution system with state of-the-art and legacy grid and monitoring capabilities.

Intelligent City Accelerator (ICA). The ICA provides the expertise and facilities for rapid prototyping and validation of technologies for high priority use-cases utilizing smart lighting, sensors, analytics, and real-time monitoring networks.

Demand Response and Industrial Internet of Things. Powertech’s DR and IOT lab has facilities for testing smart technologies for industrial and commercial energy management including load control, smart metering, and Cisco mesh-network-based demand response technology.

Electric Vehicles. Powertech is a leader in smart grid EV interoperability testing. Capabilities include EV data collection and analytics, EV communications pathways validation, use case development and simulation, and interoperability testing.

Advanced Communications. The Communications Lab has outdoor and indoor lab facilities for design, network planning, equipment evaluation, and validation of field devices and their communication links.

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Modelling. Powertech has expertise in modelling the integration of DER technologies in a power system and identifying effective protection and control solutions. In addition, an in-house Real-Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) testing lab provides a power system simulation platform for performance evaluation and pre-commissioning testing.

Distribution System Operations Security. Powertech’s indoor and outdoor facilities include a fully mesh-connected IP-enabled network system and a number of intrusion detection, authentication, and PKI validation capabilities. Powertech’s personnel are experts in NERC assessments and the implications of new NERC privacy and security standards in distribution operations.