Communications Lab

Powertech’s Communications Lab specializes in wireless and wireline technologies for critical infrastructure industries. The expertise of the group spans cellular, private broadband technologies such as WiMAX, and mesh technologies such as Wi-SUN and ZigBee.

The Communications Lab participates in industry associations such as WiMAX, Wi-SUN, and WiNNForum, and chairs the Smart Energy Work Group. The Lab is the AeroMACS Designated Certification Laboratory (ADCL) and the WiGRID Designated Certification Laboratory (WDCL). The Communications Lab has hosted AeroMACS and WiGRID plugfest and interoperability events.

For the network and system design, the Communications Lab uses tools such as PathLoss, Mentum Planet, NS-3, and MATLAB to make and provide for third-party client license applications to regulatory bodies such as Industry Canada and the FCC.

The Lab has an outdoor test facility and access to Powertech’s environmental and mechanical test facilities to enable comprehensive assessments.

Test equipment includes:

• Three RF test enclosures and a range of reference antennas to carry out emission and immunity tests.

• Real-time spectrum analyzers to 6 GHz.

• RF signal and waveform generators.

• RF network analyzers to 6 GHz.

• MIMO channel model emulator.

• Extensive range of RF accessories such as active and passive RF attenuators.

• Servers to support PKI and AAA applications to verify wireless security infrastructures.