Power System Security Assessment

In today’s rapidly changing operating environment, conventional planning and operating methods can leave power systems exposed to failures. Numerous system blackouts have occurred due to phenomena such as voltage instability or low frequency inter-area oscillations; phenomena often undetected until failure occurs.

Optimizing Power System Performance

Utilities world-wide strive to get the most out of existing facilities. Advanced power system design techniques, which include comprehensive stability assessment, can serve to optimize the use of existing facilities and minimize the need for power system expansions. Today’s interconnected systems are very complex and may include sophisticated devices such as high speed excitation systems, HVDC links, FACTS, and energy storage systems. Satisfactory performance depends heavily on the coordination of all controls and protections associated with these devices.

Comprehensive Solutions

Engineers in Powertech’s Smart Utility Group have pioneered many of the advanced tools and techniques for power system analysis in use today. The group has extensive international consulting experience in all aspects of power system stability and control and is well recognized for developments in the field of software development, both for off-line and on-line applications. Powertech offers a wide range of services and products to provide comprehensive solutions to the most challenging power system analysis problems.

In addition to power system study services, Powertech has over 11 acres of indoor and outdoor testing facilities, including 18 world-class laboratories, located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our experts help clients assess and improve the performance, efficiency, safety, reliability, and environmental impact of structures, systems, equipment, and components.