Smart Utility - Power System Analysis

Powertech offers a full range of power system analysis services including field measurements, laboratory assessments, and complex simulation work.

Field measurement expertise ranges from power quality issues, such as harmonic measurements, to the field generator testing and the development of fully validated computer simulation models. Generator testing of this type has been mandated in a number of regions to provide compliancy with reliability standards.  Powertech also has extensive lab facilities and is capable of testing a wide range of electrical equipment.

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Generator Testing and Model Development

To be able to conduct dynamic analysis of a power system, and to properly tune controls, it is first necessary to develop good models for all generators and their associated controls. Very often, models provided by manufacturers are inadequate or actual controls in the field have been modified and no longer are accurately represented by existing models.

To obtain accurate models, it is necessary to conduct some field tests from which the models can be derived. Simulations can then be used to validate the models against the actual field measurements.

Powertech has tested and modeled hundreds of generating units of all types and sizes. Contact us today to discuss your testing and modeling requirements.

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Power System Security Assessment

In today’s rapidly changing operating environment, conventional planning and operating methods can leave power systems exposed to failures. Numerous system blackouts have occurred due to phenomena such as voltage instability or low frequency inter-area oscillations; phenomena often undetected until failure occurs.

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