Powertech Partners with EirGrid to Develop Wind Security Assessment Software Tool (WSAT)

Powertech's on-line DSA technology is used with the Wind Security Assessment Tool (WSAT), in a joint development with the Irish national grid company EirGrid. WSAT is now operational at the National Control Center (NCC) of EirGrid.

WSAT was deployed in response to increased wind penetration in EirGrid's transmission system. For example, wind generation was recently recorded to supply 50 per cent of the total system load, and this level is expected to grow.

Concerns from system operators on the highest amount of intermittent wind power at any given time. WSAT addresses these issues by ensuring satisfactory performance for real-time system at the base, N-1, and credible N-n system conditions:

To determine the wind limits, the security assessment by VSAT is further extended to the following power transfers between wind and conventional generation:

These analyses by DSATools VSAT and TSAT programs are managed by the WSAT Manager module whose results are shown to controllers. Details on security violations identified are also available for further understanding of system performances. WSAT and other research have indicated that grid stability can be maintained at up to 70 per cent wind penetration, if certain measures are taken.

EirGrid is investigating the desirability and feasibility of a number of improvements for WSAT:

For more information about our Wind Security Assessment Tool (WSAT), please fill out our inquiry form to reach one of our technical representatives.


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