The capabilities of Powertech’s Power System Studies (PSS) Department reside in its experience and expertise.

DSATools™—a suite of state-of-the-art power system analysis tools developed by Powertech—provides the capabilities for a comprehensive system security assessment, including all forms of stability.

In addition, our Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS)-equipped protection and control lab provides unlimited potential for testing and evaluation of new control, protection, and communication devices and schemes.

Field Testing and Modeling

Powertech has extensive experience in performing generator tests and in developing and validating proper simulation models. The PSS Department has tested generating units of various sizes, manufacturers, and excitation and speed-governing systems.

Powertech engineers have a long history of conducting studies to meet compliance requirements, including WECC-mandated generator testing policy and NERC reliability standards.

Powertech has also developed a specialized data acquisition system for generator testing and other field measurement tasks, known as the Tabula™ Data Acquisition System, with a suite of software programs to meet various field-testing requirements.

Technical Training

The PSS Department offers a wide range of technical trainings in power system analyses and field measurements for many utilities and clients in North America and around the globe.

Areas of expertise include:

• Comprehensive stability assessment                                    • Development and assessment of system design alternatives

• Evaluation of transfer capability and security limits               • IPP integration and load interconnection studies

• Post-mortem analysis of system disturbances                      • Control system design and analysis

• Frequency control assessment                                              • Load characteristic measurement and model development

• Generator parameter measurement and modelling