Key services include:

Power System Studies

Powertech provides power system consulting studies, including comprehensive stability assessments for transient, small-signal voltage and security stability; evaluation of transfer capability and security limits; frequency control assessments; compliance studies; electromagnetic transients studies; generation and interconnection studies; development and assessment of system design alternatives; and post-mortem analysis of system disturbances.

Using advanced methods, Powertech helps clients maximize the transfer capabilities of their power systems through systematic planning and operation studies, and development of adequate remedial measures.

Field Testing and Modeling

Powertech has provided field testing services for more than 15 years. Engineers perform generator testing and validate simulation models to determine full capabilities of generators and plants, optimize control and protection settings, obtain accurate simulation models for units and plants, and achieve compliancy with regulatory requirements.

Powertech works with clients to develop detailed test plans. Pre-test simulations can be conducted to predict the outcome of the field tests. Powertech then visits a plant to execute the test plan. From field test results, computer models are developed and performance validated against measurements using simulations.

Technical Training

Powertech offers technical training in power systems fundamentals, equipment modeling, power system stability theory, methods of analysis, application of software tools, and generator field testing and model development.

Training can be provided at a client’s site or the Powertech offices. We specialize in custom courses on stability and control, and can provide instructions ranging from very basic study methods to the most advanced dynamic analysis of large power systems, including FACTS, HVDC and other complex control devices.