Research and Development

To meet specialized needs, the Mechanical Testing Group can work with clients to develop and demonstrate new, advanced test methods.


Powertech offers a full range of mechanical testing services, including:

Vibration and Shock

• Vibration testing (sine wave or random vibration profiles up to 13,500 lbf)

• Shock testing (up to 118 g)

• Transport simulation

• Drop testing


• Environmental testing, including thermal cycling with humidity

• Combined vibration/environment testing ("shake and bake")

• Pressurized gaseous environment tension and fatigue testing (up to 10,000 psi)

• Temperature-controlled mechanical testing

Tensile Testing

• Tension, compression, bend testing (up to 440,000 lbf)

• Fatigue testing (up to 55,000 lbf)

• Charpy impact testing

• Large-scale tension/compression load frame (up to 40 feet in length)


• Custom-designed or nonstandard mechanical testing

• Design optimization: modal analysis, FEA simulation

• On-site vibration and shock measurement and monitoring

• Facilitate witnessing of product certification