Services Include:

Powertech’s High Voltage Laboratory provides qualification testing, condition assessment, forensic analysis, expert witness, and research on all types of high-voltage equipment.

Test equipment includes transformers, instrument transformers, insulators (porcelain, glass, and composite), bushings, capacitors, switchgear, surge arrestors, cables and accessories, SF6 insulated equipment, generators, transmission line hardware, insulated aerial lift devices, and transformer rectifier units (TRUs).

Qualification Testing

Qualification and certification tests are conducted in accordance with all relevant industry standards such as AEIC, ANSI, ASTM, CSA, IEC, ICEA, IEEE, UL, and utility-specific standards. Custom tests can also be tailored to the client’s requirements.

Condition Assessment

Condition assessments can be performed in the field and lab

Forensic Analysis

The High Voltage Laboratory has the technical expertise to carry out detailed failure investigations on power equipment.

Expert Witness

The technical staff have conducted failure analysis investigations for legal proceedings and provided expert witness services.


Powertech is a principal investigator for large research organizations such as EPRI, CEATI, and the research sections of large utilities.

Test Categories

        •  Induced testing