The Cable Technologies section focuses on standard testing and specialized evaluation of all types of transmission, distribution, and submarine cables and accessories.

Transmission-class cables include oil/paper insulated (pipe type or self-contained fluid-filled [SCFF]), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Distribution-class cables are XLPE, EPR, and paper-insulated, lead-covered (PILC). Accessories consist of separable insulated connectors, terminations, and splices.

Services include:


Condition Assessment
Powertech conducts condition assessment tests in the field on in-service cables and accessories and in the lab on cables and accessories removed from service to prevent unscheduled outages and determine replacement priority. On-line tests include visual inspections, partial discharge tests, infrared imaging, and metallurgical tests. Among off-line tests are AC withstand tests, tan delta, and partial discharge measurements.  Laboratory tests include partial discharge tests, tan delta measurements, AC withstand/breakdown, hot and cold impulse/switching tests, and a variety of material and chemical tests.

Qualification Analysis
Qualification tests can be performed on new designs of cables, splices, and terminations in accordance with all relevant industry standards.

Failure Analysis
Cable Technologies has extensive expertise in failure analysis investigations to determine the root cause of equipment failure.

Test Categories