High Voltage and Cable Technologies

Manufacturers and utility users of high-voltage electrical equipment face a number of challenges. New products must be tested to ensure their conformance with design specifications and industry standards. In-service equipment must be periodically assessed to determine its condition, prevent unscheduled outages, and enhance safety.

Adding to these challenges, high-voltage technologies are continually evolving, the tools necessary for testing are specialized, and the testing, failure analysis, and research require high-level experience and expertise.

Powertech’s High Voltage Laboratory helps vendors and utilities address these requirements. As the largest test lab on the west coast of North America, the lab is capable of conducting medium- and high-voltage tests on all types of equipment, including transformers, insulators, switchgear, bushings, cables and accessories, instrument transformers, and transmission line hardware.

The lab’s independent, third-party status and experienced and knowledgeable technical staff enhance the credibility of manufacturers’ test reports. Powertech is a trusted name with a worldwide reputation in high-voltage testing.

The High Voltage Laboratory offers a full range of qualification and certification tests in accordance with all relevant industry standards, as well as custom testing solutions. Condition assessment tests may be performed in the field or in the lab to evaluate the equipment condition.

The lab also has a long history of forensic analysis investigations to identify the cause of failures and providing expert witness services.

In addition, Powertech has the experience and capabilities to conduct research involving advanced test techniques, new high-voltage equipment, and novel diagnostic tools and methods.