High Power Technologies

Manufacturers of transmission and distribution products designed to carry, sense, and/or route electrical current are required to test and verify those capabilities through the life of the products. Such testing ranges from exploratory proof-of-concept testing at the R&D stage of product development to traceable standards-based certification tests on existing products.

Powertech’s High Power Laboratory offers evaluation, verification, and certification testing of medium- and high-voltage products to support manufacturers, power utilities, and other users of electrical equipment from around the world. The lab specializes in testing for proper switching, withstand, and sensing of protection equipment during power flow transients.

The lab is the largest grid-connected short-circuit testing facility in North America and operates independently of utilities and manufacturers. The lab has controlled power level capabilities for short-duration single-phase tests up to 400 MVA and three-phase tests up to 1,000 MVA. Generator-fed sources at other test labs require more time to reach the initial state and provide power in a non-ideal state of decay at the outset of a test. Powertech’s grid-sourced power supply is relatively quick to set and produces a constant output that faithfully realizes the required levels per design or standard. This precludes exposure of test specimens to higher-than-intended wear-and-tear to compensate for the aforementioned decay, and offers better on-demand availability for rapid repeat testing.

Test services include load- and fault-interrupting tests, arc-resistance tests, momentary and short-time current tests, and failure-mode and exploratory tests involving applying precisely controlled distribution-level 60 Hz voltage and current to test objects.

Typical equipment tested are switches, breakers, disconnects, metal-enclosed switchgear, fuses, transformers, reactors, insulators, arresters, reclosers, connectors, junction boxes, cables, and electrical sensors.

The High Power Lab is client focused, providing confidentiality and flexible scheduling. The lab’s experienced team of engineers and technicians supervises each test and offers one-on-one consultation services throughout the planning, execution, and reporting stages of a test program.

In addition, Powertech has the experience and capabilities to conduct research and provide consultation involving advanced, new high-power equipment and novel diagnostic tools and methods.