Powertech Lab’s Multidisciplinary Testing Services

Powertech’s electrical testing labs not only have facilities for high-voltage, high-power, and high-current testing, but also have in-house access to additional laboratories to assist with mechanical, chemical, and materials testing. These facilities and staff offer unique capabilities and expertise for cross-disciplinary analysis and provide a number of advantages for customers.

One advantage arises in projects that require across-the-board testing. Insulation condition assessment, for example, may require expertise in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering.  Powertech’s access to multidisciplinary labs enables investigations into all potential aspects of equipment.

Customers may also realize time and cost efficiencies by having equipment undergo several different electrical tests at Powertech labs. The entire type or test program can be carried out in one facility.

The collocation of Powertech laboratories also means that different tests can be performed efficiently in sequence while mitigating the risks of transportation and setup between tests. This is a typical scenario when testing large, expensive equipment such switchgear cabinets.

The electrical labs also specialize in integrated test programs in areas such as transmission and distribution cables, stator winding insulation, and metering and protection devices. For example, insulators may undergo dielectric testing in the High Voltage Laboratory and power arc tests in the High Power Laboratory. A combined voltage-current instrument transformer may undergo voltage accuracy, lightning impulse withstand, temperature rise, and short-circuit withstand testing in the High Voltage Laboratory, current accuracy testing in the High Current Laboratory, and fault current testing in the High Power Laboratory.