• Stiff three-phase source with three single-phase, short-circuit transformers, providing configurable and precise AC voltage

• Network of selectable circuit elements for precise current, power factor, and transient-recovery-voltage control

• Three make switches for accurately timed energization

• Dedicated team of engineers and technicians for set-up, execution, and reporting

• Comprehensive protection, control, and instrumentation system

• One outdoor and one indoor test cell

The laboratory has ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and is signatory to the STLNA agreement.

The technical team is skilled at optimally designing and conducting tests to meet customer needs at minimal cost and with transparency. In addition to testing, the team can also provide expert consultation services for obtaining high-quality, reliable, and efficient troubleshooting and technical solutions.

The laboratory can also facilitate witnessed or unwitnessed testing for various product certifications.

High Power Testing Capabilities

Test Type

1 Phase

3 Phase

Maximum Voltage

44.8 kV rms l-g

38.8 kV rms l-l

Maximum Current

110 kA rms

80 kA rms