The laboratory is equipped to provide single-phase, continuous current testing for temperature rise and current cycling at up to 10 kA, at either 60 Hz AC or DC.

Single-phase, short-circuit-testing is available at up to 20 kA momentary. Three-phase tests can also be carried out at up to 2500 A at low voltages, or up to 400 A at 600 V.

The state-of-the-art instrumentation includes automated, computer-controlled testing, with measurement of voltage, current, power, resistance, temperature, strain, force, or position. High-speed digital recording is used for short-circuit tests, and up to 200 channels of digital data acquisition are available for longer-term tests.

The laboratory’s engineers and technicians are experienced at conducting qualification tests and investigating equipment failures. The team is skilled at designing tests to meet customer needs and available to provide expert consultation services.

Testing Capabilities

Test Type

1 Phase (kA)

3 Phase (kA)

60 Hz Continuous



60 Hz Short-Circuit



DC Continuous


DC Short-Circuit