High Current Technologies

Manufacturers need to ensure that their newly designed current-carrying components meet industry standards and quality assurance testing before installation so that they will perform reliably throughout their service life.

 For example, to avoid machine insulation failure in electric generators and motors, new or rewound stator coils/bars must be manufactured to a high quality level and meet the design specification and expected performance requirements prior to installation. Similarly, high-current connectors and conductors can be the cause of expensive outages and a serious fire hazard if they are incorrectly designed, sized, and installed.

To meet these needs, Powertech’s High Current Laboratory offers independent, third-party evaluation of the thermal performance and fault withstand of electrical equipment. The lab performs long-term aging tests to simulate lifetime performance. Assessments are made through heat run, current cycle, and short-circuit testing at high-current levels and low voltages.

The laboratory specializes in evaluation and failure analysis of high-current components including connectors and fuses, utilization testing of energy meters and storage batteries, and machine insulation testing of stator bars and coils.

In conjunction with Powertech’s High Voltage Laboratory and High Power Laboratory, and with on-site access to mechanical, chemical, and materials testing labs, the High Current Lab offers complete test packages according to CSA, IEEE, ANSI, and other standards as well as non-standard tests.

 The lab also has the experience and capabilities to conduct R&D involving advanced new equipment and novel diagnostic tools and methods.