Hydrogen Stations Services

The Hydrogen Stations Department offers services for hydrogen station design and construction.

Designing and Installing Stations Powertech designs and builds hydrogen fueling stations with flexible and customizable options such as hydrogen supply, storage cylinder type, dispenser type, and station size.

Testing of Vehicle and Fueling Station Components The company’s hydrogen fueling and systems testing lab conducts component and system tests for the simulation of hydrogen fueling protocols, end-of-life and durability testing, and performance tests to ensure the station package is safe and reliable. Connections are pressure-tested, and quality tests are conducted for different vehicle types and operating conditions.

Station R&D Powertech engineers can design new capabilities for future stations and testing systems, such as the new Hydrogen Station Equipment Performance Device (HySTEP).

Trailers Powertech designs and builds custom high-pressure hydrogen tube trailers for bulk hydrogen transport.

Consulting Support Services Powertech offers online support services for the Powertech hydrogen stations using remote log-in capabilities. Powertech can also offer a range of consulting services around hydrogen infrastructure, including project development, site selection, and failure analysis.