Additional Services

Powertech designs specialized tests, supports codes and standards development, and is involved in developing new solutions to industry issues.

Safety Studies

In addition to testing to established test standards, Powertech has an extensive background in designing and executing custom durability and destructive tests and safety studies involving fire, static crush, high-energy impact, pneumatic rupture, penetration (mechanical puncture, armour-piercing bullets), or other specialized test requests.

Powertech works with customers to design and build custom, fully instrumented, testing apparatuses to study failure modes, damage-withstand thresholds, or extreme service or upset conditions resulting in rupture.

Engineering Services

Powertech can design and build specialized systems for a customer’s testing or research needs. In a recent project, Powertech designed and built a compliance testing device for hydrogen refueling stations. The device—the first of its kind in North America—ensures public hydrogen refueling stations in California meet industry standards. Developed for the U.S. Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the device connects to a hydrogen station, simulating a vehicle, and monitors and evaluates pressure, temperature, and communications data to ensure the station operation and fueling process meets HGV 4.3 and SAE J2601 specifications.

Standards Development

Powertech engineers promote the development of national and international codes and standards for compressed hydrogen and CNG fuels. Through their membership on various ANSI, CSA, SAE, and ISO technical committees, they are involved in the technical and safety issues facing the compressed hydrogen and natural gas industries today and, in many cases, are directly involved in developing the solutions. Powertech contributes valuable input at technical committee discussions, helping shape test methods that make compressed gas technologies safer and more reliable.