Powertech  Electric Vehicle (EV)  Services

The demand for clean transportation, powered by renewable energy, has never been higher. British Columbia is expected to experience high adoption rates of this exciting new technology and will transition more quickly to electric mobility than many other jurisdictions. The province has always been at the forefront of clean transportation and clean energy technologies and Powertech has a long history in providing innovative solutions to these important industry sectors. British Columbia is ideally situated to take advantage of the many benefits EVs have to offer with over 90% of electricity coming from renewable hydro-electric sources.

 Powertech Labs supports the rapidly expanding EV market by providing engineering and consulting services to both local and global clientele. We are leading experts in all aspects of EV technologies, from infrastructure and smart grid integration, through to fleet deployments and component testing. Powertech offers customized EV solutions including: turnkey infrastructure deployments, consulting services, fleet management and optimization, data collection and analytics engineering services, and industrial design.

Our goal is to provide clean transportation solutions, to support our customers in promoting EV adoption and to help the public make a seamless transition from gas to electric vehicles.




Summary of EV Services




Engineering Consulting for Electric Vehicle (EV) Projects

As EV experts, Powertech has real-world experience designing and deploying custom EV solutions for retailers, educational institutes and government agencies. Our diverse experience in the EV industry includes; custom demonstration projects, educational research projects and commercial business implementations. Our talented team of EV specialists can offer: project management, industrial design, engineering, procurement and deployment services, as well as, data management to help with your future EVSE solution. These services are leveraged by our strong relationships with our business partners including government agencies, electrical authorities, safety regulatory bodies and EVSE suppliers.




Installation & Deployment Services for EVSE
(Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

Powertech has pioneered the development of EV infrastructure by implementing numerous EVSE charge sites throughout the lower mainland. We have partnered with local businesses and government agencies to create a network of EVSE charging stations that make it convenient, reliable and easy to power your electric vehicle. In addition to installing several Level 2 charging stations, which charge an EV in 4-8hrs, Powertech also has expertise in and has installed the first direct current (DC) fast charging stations in British Columbia. Advanced DC fast charging stations reduce charging time for EV’s, providing a full charge in less than 30 minutes. With this fast growing infrastructure EV owners can now spend more time driving and less time charging.




Electric vehicle signage and Outreach Programs

Powertech EVSE charging sites go beyond the function of charging electric vehicles. We ensure that our sites clearly communicate rules and regulations through onsite regulatory signage. Our team of technical experts can aid this process by providing technical support, key information and provincially approved signage that will help regulate your new site.

Pioneered by our in-house design team, The Powertech user outreach program is another unique offering that will turn your new EVSE site into a beacon for EV drivers. We start by studying site traffic patterns and develop a wayfinding signage; helping EV drivers to easily locate your charging stations. We then incorporate strategically placed interpretive panels and educational graphics that communicate the positive advantages of electric vehicles.




Fleet Vehicle Management

As public demand for electric vehicles builds, Powertech continues to collaborate with municipalities to develop EVSE infrastructure and support economic growth strategies related to clean energy solutions. Through our advanced technical expertise, Powertech provides fleet programs and alternative vehicle pilot programs for your business or organization. Our services also include public education and outreach programs, which showcase the advancements in electric vehicle technology.




Data Monitoring, System Analysis & EV Infrastructure Optimization Services

Beyond installation, Powertech EV specialists are proud to offer EVSE optimization services. Allow us to train your team on proper EVSE usage as well as monitor & evaluate user charging habits. Whether it’s setting up a payment system or programing a power-down schedule, Powertech can create custom EVSE sites that fit each client’s diverse set of needs. With close relations to the Smart utility industry, we can also offer customized integration of smart grid technology into your EVSE site.



EV Smart Grid Integration

A Smart Grid is realized by overlaying a communications infrastructure on top of existing power system infrastructure. This communications network allows for bi-directional communication between a broader range of field devices and utility back-office operations. These new capabilities for monitoring and control enable grid operations to respond dynamically to real-time grid conditions and to make informed ‘smart’ decisions on the management of utility assets. The communications infrastructure also enables a new relationship to be realized with customers. Traditional customers can now be treated more as ‘partners’ who can be engaged in programs and incentives to moderate consumption and manage energy use within their own premises. The ability for customers and utilities alike to monitor and control loads enables Demand Response and Load Control (DRLC) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) programs to extend to customer premises and customer assets such as smart appliances and electric vehicles.

Within the context of the Smart Grid, EVs and EV charge infrastructure become additional field devices able to participate in grid operations. EVs represent a special case of devices in that they can be viewed as a source of generation, load, or storage. Vehicles are also nomadic and may appear and disappear on the grid at different times and locations. Fixed EV charge infrastructure on the other hand, can play a role as the interconnection point for vehicles to the grid, or as a source of load that can be managed through the Smart Grid infrastructure. Understanding the options to use EVs as integral components of the grid therefore requires an understanding of the communications protocols and infrastructure that can enable EV and charge infrastructure connectivity from end-to-end.

Powertech is a leader in in Smart Grid interoperability testing and operates facilities which replicate the utility environment from field devices to back-office applications. This environment allows Powertech to support vehicle  and device OEMs, energy service providers and utilities to test and evaluate EV interoperability solutions. Capabilities include:




Electric Vehicles Testing & Performance Services

Through our multidisciplinary facility, Powertech offers a “one-stop shop” approach for testing electric vehicles, electric vehicle supply equipment and smart grid integration. This includes comprehensive electrical, mechanical and environmental testing services for motors, batteries, relays, and inverters. Other performance assessment services include environmental, thermal shock and sustained temperature testing. All our testing services are performed according to relevant codes and standards. Additionally, we provide non-standard testing requirements for new technology prototype development.


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