Seismic Analysis and Testing Services

Powertech offers services for determining the seismic withstand capabilities of civil structures and equipment to evaluate the performance of Dams, Substation & Equipment, T&D Structures and Components under seismic loading, using numerical, as well as experimental structural and geo-technical methods. This includes seismic analysis of withstand capability of equipments and its post-seismic electrical functionality. We also provide finite element analysis services, which include the static and dynamic performance of structures, components and overhead lines.

Within the lifetime of many utility stations, there is a high probability of a major earthquake occurring that could cause significant damage. In light of this probability, many utilities are reviewing the safety of their facilities.

Utilities are establishing system performance criteria which relate design standards to the performance expected of the power system during and following an earthquake. Powertech can help both develop the system performance criteria and evaluate equipment seismic withstand capability.

The seismic analysis team performs geotechnical analyses to determine possible depth of liquefaction, probability of liquefaction, lateral deformation and stability of slopes during and after earthquakes for transmission towers and substations. Powertech can evaluate site to determine response to ground motion and liquefaction by using Finite Element Analysis to conduct computer simulations of real earthquake conditions. For example, a seismic analysis and assessment of the transmission crossing at Skeena for B.C. Hydro was recently completed.

Powertech also performs seismic modal analysis on all sizes of structures in the field. The equipment used includes: a wide range of accelerometers from seismic to extreme high g-force; up to 50,000 lbs capacity force transducers; single and two channel signal analyzers; and STAR modal software. We have conducted modal analysis testing of all types of electrical equipment from potheads to utility poles.

Seismic Withstand Testing Capabilities

Utilities must continue to provide a safe and reliable power supply even while they work toward reducing operating costs and improving network efficiency. In North America, there is a growing awareness of the risk to high voltage substations and switchgear equipment from potential earthquakes. Powertech offers a wide range of services in testing and analyzing the seismic withstand capability of electrical equipment, and its post-seismic electrical function. We have mechanical, high voltage and high power laboratory facilities, and a shake table testing facility. Our experts carry out time-history and response spectrum analysis, modal analysis and seismic risk assessment of components.

Seismic withstand testing capability include:

Field Dynamic Testing

Electrical Functionality

Testing Capacity: