Asset management services aim to determine end-of-life of assets and whether and how equipment life span can be extended.

Services include:

Structural testing and integrity assessment servicesampling, condition assessment, and reliability analysis of various aging T&D components.

Condition-based serviceability and life extension of wood and steel pole structures—quantification of decay for wood structures and present condition of steel structures, assessing serviceability, and making life extension decisions.

Finite-element analysis servicestatic and dynamic performance analysis of structures, components, and overhead lines.

Asset management solutions for managing aging T&D assets determination of asset remaining strength and life span, development of maintenance and risk-mitigation strategies, and evaluation of inspection methods and techniques for condition assessment.

NDT and Welding Inspection Services

NDT and welding inspection services determine whether equipment and components are in safe operating condition

Services include:

• Visual inspection (videoscope)                                 • Acoustic emission inspection

• Magnetic particle inspection                                     • Radiography

• Dye penetrant inspection                                           In-situ harness testing

• Ultrasonic inspection                                                 • Welding inspection

• Eddy current inspection