WPSAT - Wood pole selection and analysis tool

Powertech’s Wood Pole Selection and Analysis Tool allows direct determination of a pole class in a quick and scientific way to meet a specified structural design requirement stipulated by CAN/CSA C22.3 No.1, NESC C2 or a utility’s in-house design standards.

It also serves as a useful maintenance tool to determine the percentage of strength usage of an existing wood pole. After entering the pole size, loads and other relevant information, users can determine:

A user-friendly approach is used to walk a user through the steps to complete the pole class selection and analysis process.  The required input parameters are kept as simple as possible.  All the design parameters such as grade of construction, load factors, loading zones, types of conductors, conductor size, wood species, etc., are built into the tool so that a user can specify design requirements by checking from drop down boxes. The tool also allows a user to enter custom design parameters. Two unit systems, Imperial and SI, can be used alone or at the same time during the process.

Click the screenshot below to see a video demonstration of the software in action:

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