On-site Inspection

Powertech operates a fleet of testing vehicles to conduct on-site services throughout British Columbia for NDT and dielectric testing. Among the sites are electric power generation stations, substations, and regional offices and line rooms.

Specific testing services include:

• Annual combined nondestructive testing and dielectric testing of aerial lifting vehicles

• Dielectric testing of insulated line tools

• Nondestructive testing inspection of turbine runners, pressure vessels, penstocks, lifting devices, cranes, gates/valves, steel poles, and piping

• Thermal resistivity of soils and rocks

These services determine whether equipment is fit for service. The inspections identify defects to be addressed by owners, or if no defects are found, result in safe-to-operate certifications. The timing and resolution of inspections are often critical to avoid prolonged and costly outages of equipment.

The findings help electric utility clients ensure the safe operation of their equipment and keep generation and T&D assets in healthy and reliable operation.