Analysis of SF6 Gas

The excellent dielectric and arc quenching properties of SF6 make it an ideal insulating gas for medium and high voltage applications. Detailed knowledge of the nature and amounts of SF6 contaminants and decomposition products can provide a useful diagnostic technique for in-service equipment. Such information is also essential to protect the health of maintenance personnel when handling SF6 gas and to assist with disposal or recycling of end of life equipment. Powertech is a recognized leader in the analysis of SF6 and decomposition products. We offer analytical services in our laboratory and in the field. Gases are analysed to determine compliance to ASTM 2685, IEC 60480 or CIGRE guidelines. The samples are routinely analysed for SF6, O2, N2, CF4, SO2, SO2F2, SOF2, COS and H2O using sensitive gas chromatographs to parts per million levels. Other non-routine impurities such as CO2, Freons, SF4 and S2F10, can be analyzed by request.

In addition to providing the analytical services, we have developed the SF6 decomposition product detector, a simple to use diagnostic tool to allow the user to obtain real time measurements.

SF6 Decomposition Product Detector (SF6DPD)

Powertech has developed the technology for the field detection of SF6 decomposition products (SOF2 and SO2) at parts per million levels. The Powertech SF6DPD meets the features specified in the CIGRE SF6 Recycling Guide (Revision 2003) for an instrument to detect SF6 decomposition products.

The SF6DPD is intuitive and easy to use. Click the screenshot below to play the SF6DPD Demonstration Video: